About BMA

Our History

The roots of the BMA go back to the Bytown Ramblers of Ottawa in 1956. The year 2006 marked the 50th anniversary of the BMA.

The club initially consisted of two dirt bikes, a 1948 Harley Davidson 125 and a ’56 Dot trails bike. As more and more people entered off-road sports the club split off with the new Ottawa Valley competition Motorcycle club now catering to this segment. This club put Ottawa area riders on the map with members beginning to win events previously dominated by Southern Ontario or even US riders.

New events such as the Canada-US challenge matches began to take place. Most of the bikes at that time were stripped down road bikes. Some were even ridden to the tracks, stripped of their lights and raced.

The club continued on into the early 1980’s, catering mostly to trials riders toward the end. As a generation of riders moved on and interest waned the club dissolved. Bob Guzzo managed to maintain the incorporation until the current generation took over in 1998.