Wheel Bearings Question - KTM

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Wheel Bearings Question - KTM

Postby gman » Mon Jul 31, 2017 2:16 pm

An observant riding buddy noticed some side-side play in my rear wheel bearings before our (awesome) South Side ride on Sunday.

Questions on bearing replacement (2015 KTM 350EXCF if that matters)

1) Is the outer hub-bushing something to replace at the same time assuming it isn't damaged or grooved? Seems like something one wouldn't replace unless damaged.

2) I know it would always be the better option (at 2.5-3x the cost) to replace the entire bearing kit (Bushings, Seal Rings, Bearings, Spacer Tube, Circlip)... but is that necessary?

Have not done a set on a KTM yet and looking for some wisdom/experience. The 2015 350EXCF doesn't appear to have any funky spacers aside from the seal and hub bushing. So doesn't look like there is anything finicky to easily damage. I have a proper bearing puller. But not sure what typically can get damaged when trying to pull/replace bearings.

Here's a blowup of the OEM bearing kit:

Bearing blow-up.jpg
OEM Factory Bearing Micro-Fiche
Bearing blow-up.jpg (21.88 KiB) Viewed 1033 times

May do the front at the same time as this is nearing the end of the 2nd season on them.

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