Larose Forest Trail Cleanup May 5 | Bytown Motorcycle Association
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Larose Trail Cleanup

Date: May 5, 9 am meet time at the trail head

Location: Larose Forest

Let's get out there and help clear the trails that we enjoy riding on. Please bring a hand saw or Branch Cutters/clippers if you have as it will make it much faster. If you have access to a chainsaw then that would be great!

Do not forget to bring gloves and rubber boots as it is always wet in the spring!

Please note that the forest is still closed for riding at the time of the clean up.

Parking is at N45 23.377 W75 07.890

Click here to view Larger Map and Get Directions

 PS: If the road in is not passable by car, we would park at the forest office and either walk in or go by truck