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Overview of Bike Types


Recreational Bikes

If you are new to dirt biking - this is a great place to start.

These bikes are less costly, easy to learn on and usually have a more comfortable seat at a reasonable height.  They also offer a softer, more predictable overall ride.  These types of bikes are highly recommended for Beginners.

Trail / Enduro Bikes

This is a bit of a catch-all category.  There are many bikes that are tuned for specific sub-classes within this category. 

Generally speaking, bikes in this category are higher performance, liquid cooled, high compression and higher performance with some variants being competition ready. (Even if you are not!) 

Motocross Bikes

As the name suggests, these are specialized bikes for closed-course, motocross competition. 

They are all very high performance (and high-maintenance!), have stiff suspension meant for handling large jumps and “attacking” the terrain of a track.  They will all come with engines and transmissions best suited for motocross.  Off the showroom floor, these bikes have more HP and near instantaneous torque than most mortals can manage.

While they can be ridden on trails, they are not as well suited to woods-riding conditions as recreational or trail / enduro bikes.

Dual-Sport and Adventure Bikes

This is another broad category with many sub-classes available.

These are street-legal bikes with anywhere from a lot to a little off-road capability. Some are essentially trail bikes made street legal with minimum modification, or others that are street bikes with minor modifications to market them as dual-sport. Some are relatively small in displacement, whereas the larger adventure bikes can range from the ~690-1250CC displacement range.

Note:  The model examples we provide in each category are by no means exhaustive.  These are just examples of models available that could best suit their specific category.  (Electric Bikes? We won’t cover these here as the segment is too new, there are too few choices and they have not reached practical distance limits for off-road use)