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  • Volunteers are the lifeblood of the BMA - the future of the club rests with volunteers
  • Volunteers ensure that BMA riding events and activities continue
  • Meets your membership obligation to volunteer at least 4 hours per year
  • You get to know other members of the club
  • Shows the community that we give back
  • Supports advocacy to protect and guarantee access to ever fewer riding areas
  • Provides an excellent opportunity to learn the trail systems and the local riding areas
  • Anybody with at least 4 volunteer hours gets $25 off the fee to ride the Calabogie Boogie
  • Do it for your kids - bring them along
  • It is a lot of fun - ride with friends while supporting you club!

What will I be asked to do?

There are numerous volunteer activities available for riders of all levels. Activities include, but are not limited to:

  • Trail clearance
  • Leading and organizing club events
  • Helping run club events - set up, registration, sound testing, tear down
  • Helping explore and map new trails
  • Placing directional arrows on trails in advance of events
  • Sweeping trails following events
  • Removing arrows at the end of events

How do I volunteer?

Volunteers can:

  • sign up to volunteer here
  • respond to the Volunteer Coordinator’s event-specific email identifying availability, skills and type of support to be provided
  • scrutinize the yearly list of club activities and notify the Volunteer Coordinator in advance of any events that they would like to support
  • contact the BMA volunteer coordinator at any time for information on upcoming events and volunteer requirements
  • attend the monthly meeting to volunteer in person

For each major club event, the Volunteer Coordinator will:

  • email all club members soliciting volunteer support
  • provide details of the event
  • identify the event coordinator and contact information
  • identify the type of volunteer support required
  • maintain a list of volunteers for each event

Recording your volunteer hours

Method 1

Method 2