Riding Areas

Area 31

HOW DO I ride AT area 31?

  • Complete registration for your ride day here.  There are daily attendance limits which we have to abide by, given the current situation. 


  • Insurance and the appropriate license plate for your motorcycle (Green or Blue plate for Ontario registered bikes)
  • Proof of BMA Membership. To become a BMA/OFTR Member, go here. 

What is area 31?

Area 31 is an exclusive BMA riding area created to develop skills and further rider development within the club!

The current riding area features a multitude of challenges for off-road enduro and trials riding. The existing trails and enduro/trials challenge features are in place for your enjoyment. The BMA encourages all to ride within their ability and only take on some of the more advanced features when you are ready for the challenge! Please inspect all features previous to riding and choose your option or line wisely!

You must sign the online waiver before riding in Area 31. There are no exceptions. Without signing the waiver, you are trespassing and subject to fines by law and this will be enforced through our volunteer Wardens and local Police. 



**Requirements to ride area 31**

  • Complete registration for your ride day here.
  • Insurance and the appropriate license plate for your motorcycle (Green or Blue plate for Ontario registered bikes)
  • Proof of BMA Membership. To become a BMA/OFTR Member, go here.

Rider Rules

Be in control of your bike at all times and be aware of other riders!

  • Read all signage
  • Yield for any rider down and ask if they require assistance
  • Ride with caution! Area 31 will challenge your skills
  • Riding at high-speed anywhere in or around Area 31 is strictly forbidden! 2nd gear for most bikes is most appropriate for Area 31.  Area 31 is about practicing static or slow riding skills.
  • Stay off the roads and do not enter adjacent private property. Stay well within the Area 31 boundaries.
  • Your bike must be clean and free of and debris from your last ride
  • All users must sign the online waiver
  • No one rides alone! You MUST have a spotter or someone riding with you at all times
  • Injured riders need to have a companion ride to the gate to escort the ambulance to the injured rider. No exception!


Rider Conduct

  1. Do not trespass on private property
  2. Ride only on existing trails, respect nature and take responsibility – learn about the  ecosystems we ride on and protect them. Check the trails, features/challenges and obstacles before riding! Some trails are seasonal and can experience problems in the spring. Check the trail conditions and respect the Riding Area Boarders
  3. Respect others who also have the right to be on the trails, features/challenges and be courteous
  4. Be aware of two way traffic in and around features/challenges and open riding  practice areas. Follow Single Track in indicated direction of travel. Do not ride Single Track backwards!
  5. Comply with all legislation, bylaws and insurance requirements. You are not welcome without proof of insurance.
  6. Always wear a helmet and protective gear when you’re riding
  7. Don’t litter – pack out what you bring in with you.
  8. Leave trails better than you found them. 
  9. Do not use any Alcohol or Drugs if you plan to ride. NO alcohol permitted on site!
  10. If you have not signed a waiver, you are trespassing!



Sunday 9:00am - 5:00pm


Riding Area MAP


How to find the AReA 31 RIDING AREA

Gate entrance

The gate entrance to Area 31 address is 5480 Bank Street, which is right between where Ormes furniture used to be and Evas Chip Truck  You will see the Greely Sand & Gravel Sign.

View Larger Map and get directions to the riding area