New Here?

Which Bike is Best for Me?

The short answer?  “One that fits you, your budget and the kind of riding you want to do!”

Outside of budget, the most critical consideration is: “what kind of riding do you want to do”? 

  • Do you want the option to ride on and off-road with the same bike? 
  • Are you ONLY interested in off-road and plan to trailer your bike to enjoy a day’s riding? 

Answers to these two questions are key to narrowing down your choices.

There is no "one" perfect bike that does it all!  There are compromises with any choice. 

If you are new to dirt biking, there is a vast and sometimes confusing array of brands, models, types and sizes to choose from.  Skip to the "Overview of Bike Types" to get familiar with the options.

If you already know the kind of riding you want to do, skip to that category below. We have also included some tips and advice on bikes for ladies, shorter riders and kids.

If you’re not the reading/research type, our dealer sponsors are really in the best position to advise you on what type of bike would work best for you.  They are very happy to answer questions, give guidance/advice and steer you in the right direction.

The model examples we provide in each category are by no means exhaustive.  These are just examples of models available that could best suit their specific category. Caution!!! Despite having 26 letters in the english alphabet, manufacturers favor using their own distinct 2-3 letters in slightly different order to differentiate radically different types of bikes.  So be sure you understand the differences!  (Electric Bikes? We won’t cover these here as the segment is too new, there are too few choices and they have not reached practical distance limits for off-road use)