New Here?

All types of dirt bikes...

If you are new to dirt biking, there certainly is a dizzying array of types of dirt bikes. Which bike is right for me? 4-stroke or 2-stroke? What size? What about kids' bikes?

Our dealer sponsors are in the best position to advise you on what type and which bike specifically is best for you. This page however, provides you with some general information to get you thinking and a little bit more knowledgeable about what might work for you.

Caution: You will not find much imagination in model nomenclature - we have 26 letters in the alphabet, surprisingly manufacturers like to use 2 or 3 letters in slightly different order to distinguish dozens of very different machines. And do not be surprised if the order of the letters changes for the same model next year!

Also see Bikes options for Ladies and Options for Shorter Riders 

Riding both on-road and off-road, or just off-road?

This certainly is a key question. Many riders like to be able to ride to their favourite off-road riding area, versus trailering or otherwise carrying their dirt bike down the highway. Some purists would say most of these "dual sport" bikes are like all season tires - compromises. This is somewhat true, although you can certainly buy bikes with great off-road versatility in which very little has been compromised. Remember you will need a motorcycle endorsement on your drivers' license to ride on-road.


Recreational bikes

If you are new to dirt biking - this is where you want to start. These bikes are easy to learn on, forgiving, with a comfortable seat (at a reasonable height) and ride - and they will not break the bank account. Generally these bikes have 4 stroke air cooled engines, are highly reliable requiring little maintenance. Typical bikes of this type are the Honda CRF150F, CRF230F; Yamaha TTR-230, TTR125; Susuki DR-Z125; Kawasaki KLX140. More info here. 


Trail bikes

This is a bit of a catch-all category, as there are many bikes that are tuned for specific uses within this category. Generally speaking, these bikes are high tech, liquid cooled, high compression, high performance, and competition ready (even if your are not). Seat height is higher to provide greater ground clearance and longer suspension travel. Most of the bikes owned by BMA members will be in this category. There are many many models from which to choose including Honda CRF - X series, Husaberg TE & FE series, Husqvarna TXC series, KTM XC-W series, and the Yamaha WR series. Read more here. 


Motocross bikes

As the name suggests, these are bikes specialized for motocross competition - very high performance, stiff suspensions, engines and transmissions suited for motocross. While they can be ridden in the woods, they are not as much fun and are not as well suited to woods conditions as trail bikes. Read more here. 


Little people's bikes

The great thing is even small people are not restricted from riding dirt bikes. Many of these smaller sized bikes are recreational in nature, although there are some that are competitive machines. Didn't we all start on a mini-bike? Also see Bike options for Kids

Dual Sport & Adventure

Again, this is a broad category, with many sub-species available. These are street-legal bikes with anywhere from a lot to a little off-road capability. Some are essentially trail bikes made street legal with minimum modification (like the KTM EXC series), others are street bikes with minor modifications to market them as dual sport. Some are relatively small in displacement, whereas the adventure bikes can be quite large (900-1200cc). See Bikes for on/off-road adventures (Often referred to as "Dual-Sport") for more details.