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Board of Director and Volunteer Appointments 2019
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Board of Director and Volunteer Appointments 2019

Board Chair

Andrew Jayne

Email: boardchair@bma1.ca  

Board Vice Chair

Chris Moyle

Email: vicechair@bma1.ca


Tim Dumoulin

Email: president@bma1.ca  

Immediate Past President

Chris Davis



Christopher Price

Email: secretary@bma1.ca


Scott Wilson

Email: treasurer@bma1.ca

Directors at Large:

Grant Anderson, Kevin Anderson, David Bickle, Jeff Breedon, Bill Fulton, Sascha Lange, Kyle Munshaw, Steven Price, Heather Seeler


Appointments 2019

Note: some appointments are filled by volunteers outside the BMA Board

Calabogie Boogie Chair

Heather Seeler

Email: BoogieChair@bma1.ca

Dual Sport Coordinator

Heather Seeler

Email: dualsport@bma1.ca

Facebook Coordinator

Grant Anderson

Email: newsletter@bma1.ca

Legal Adviser



Land Use Committee Chair

Kyle Munshaw

Email: landuse@bma1.ca


Ross Whitehead

Email: membership@bma1.ca

Newsletter Editor

Grant Anderson

Email: newsletter@bma1.ca

OFTR Board Representative

Bill Fulton



Eric McSweeney


Tim Dumoulin


Eric McSweeney

Swag Shop

David Bickle

Safety and Security

Roy Forestell

Trail Boss

Kevin Anderson

Training Coordinator

Kevin Anderson


Volunteer Coordinator

Steven Price

Email: volunteer@bma1.ca

Website Administrator

Leander van Rooijen

Email: webmaster@bma1.ca

Women's Advocate

Sascha Lange

Email: women@bma1.ca



Land Use Committee Representatives

Limerick Forest

Jeff Breedon

Email: jeffbreedon@gmail.com

Larose Forest

Ed Miller

Email: ed.northridge@gmail.com

Calabogie South Side

Kevin Anderson

Email: kevin_thomas_anderson@hotmail.com

Calabogie North Side



Chair Land Use Committee

Kyle Munshaw

Email: landuse@bma1.ca



Yes, the BMA Board only runs on Volunteers - Like You!

We are one of Ontario's largest and most successful off-road motorcycle clubs - with good reason: We are strictly a volunteer organization, with members dedicated to having fun!

If you have an interest in further developing our capacity to grow as a club, we would welcome your nomination for election to the Board of Directors. 

A director term of office is two years, with half of the Director positions opening for election or re-election every year. The Board meets about 6-8 times per year. The Board oversees the organization of ride events, the creation and maintenance of riding trails, land owner relationships, and manages the club finances amongst other duties.

Examples of the types of interests and skills that make a strong and diverse Board include:

  • Recreational trail riders
  • Dual sport riders
  • Both novice and experienced riders
  • Women riders, youthful riders, in addition to our "mature" riders
  • Persons who are financially literate
  • People with a legal background
  • People with an interest or experience in event management (For the past 25 years, we have organized Ontario's most popular off-road ride: the Calabogie Boogie®)
  • Geographic representation from across Eastern Ontario and Western Quebec

If you have any questions or would like more information about what is involved in being a Board member, please do not hesitate to contact our Board Chair or simply fill out the form below. Nominations are now open for the next election to the Board of Directors which occurs at the Annual General Meeting in January of each year.