Who is the BMA?
Our History

Who is the BMA?

The BMA is a group of off-road motorcycle enthusiasts dedicated to the safe and responsible practice of our sport for all ages.  We feel strongly that this is the best strategy to preserve and expand off road riding opportunities in the Ottawa area and Eastern Ontario. By demonstrating responsible riding and the responsible use of private and publics lands we will be able to successfully advocate for increased support and recognition for the sport and the many social and economic benefits that off-road riding activities bring to our communities. Demonstrating responsible riding and land use will involve closer engagement and partnerships with local authorities and various levels of government but we are committed to these activities to improve opportunities, primarily for our members, but also for all off-road riding activities that share our goals.

The club is a family orientated group of some 700 members who organize local off-road events year round, including events for charity and events just for fun. Our membership is extremely diverse, both demographically and geographically, being spread across Eastern Ontario, Western Quebec, and even into the USA.

Through the years, the club has been involved in many segments of off-road activity, both competitive and non-competitive alike, including ice racing, enduro, observed trials, hare-scrambles, dual sport and trail riding.  Today the club is focused on recreational off-road riding, dual sport riding and, once again, trials.

The membership includes many experienced and accomplished riders from various disciplines of the sport who are here to help introduce new and/or less experienced riders share the joy of dirt biking.  A core group of members are also essential volunteers who give freely of their time to provide training and skills development, trail maintenance, orientation and organized riding events in addition to managing the association, all to ensure that we give back value to the sport and to our members..


Our History

The roots of the BMA go back to the Bytown Ramblers of Ottawa in 1956. The year 2006 marked the 50th anniversary of the BMA.

The club initially consisted of two dirt bikes, a 1948 Harley Davidson 125 and a ’56 Dot trails bike. As more and more people entered off-road sports the club split off with the new Ottawa Valley competition Motorcycle club now catering to this segment. This club put Ottawa area riders on the map with members beginning to win events previously dominated by Southern Ontario or even US riders.

New events such as the Canada-US challenge matches began to take place. Most of the bikes at that time were stripped down road bikes. Some were even ridden to the tracks, stripped of their lights and raced.

The club continued on into the early 1980’s, catering mostly to trials riders toward the end. As a generation of riders moved on and interest waned the club dissolved. Bob Guzzo managed to maintain the incorporation until the current generation took over in 1998.



The Fine Print

The Bytown Motorcycle Association is a Not-For-Profit Corporation in accordance with the Canada Not-For-Profit Corporations Act S. C. 2009 c.23.

The BMA is governed by By-Law No. 3 as approved by the Minister of Industry Canada Effective March 21, 2011.

The BMA Board

The property and business of the BMA is managed by a Board of Directors, comprised of 5 -15 Directors. Presently there are 15 Directors on the Board. All members in good standing are eligible for election to the Board. Each year the Board appoints officers for various offices within the BMA at the AGM.


The BMA holds an Annual General Meeting (AGM) in January to review financial statements and transact any other business as required.

The Board of Directors meet at least six times annually. Members in good standing may attend any meeting of the Board, although only Directors may vote. Minutes for the AGM and Board meetings are posted to the Members Only portion of the BMA Forum.