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Calabogie - Dirt Bike Riding Nirvana!

The "Calabogie" area is one of Ontario's most envied riding areas! Every year riders come from Southern Ontario, Quebec, New England states, and occasionally from even further to experience the annual Calabogie Boogie.

Where is it anyway?

The Calabogie riding area is quite large, constituting approximately 5,000 – 10,000 square km! Trails may be found on both public (Ontario crown) and private lands in the three counties of Lanark, Renfrew and Frontenac and is generally:

  • West of highway 511, South of highway 508, north of highway 509 and East of Ompah,

With such a large area, where are some of the main trails?

Some of the major riding landmarks/trail systems may be found as follows:

  • K&P trail - 45° 7'41.19"N, 76°41'18.55"W
  • 77 Snowmobile trail –hydro tower line - 45° 8'41.00"N, 76°48'17.69"W
  • Bumpas hydro tower line - 45°12'53.22"N, 76°42'17.68"W
  • Three beaver pond logging roads - 45°12'53.22"N, 76°42'17.68"W
  • Perch Lake - 45° 6'24.23"N, 76°43'50.71"W
  • Levant Mountain - 45° 1'59.45"N, 76°40'6.01"W
  • Mountain Chute Express - 45° 7'58.22"N, 76°52'38.12"W
  • Evergreen Mountain - 45° 8'18.52"N, 76°55'6.54"W

So where can we park to ride various trails from?

  • Highway 508 (North Madawaska) pit - 45°15'16.98"N, 76°51'1.72"W to ride the Newfie Autoban
  • Mountain Chute Dam (top of hill) - 45°11'32.40"N, 76°54'14.59"W to ride Evergreen Mountain
  • Flower Station - 45° 9'27.70"N, 76°41'14.01"W to ride #77, Perch Lake, Triple Tower, Three Beaver Pond, Bumpas trails
  • Levant Station - 45° 2'35.37"N, 76°42'7.51"W to ride Levant Mountain, Triple Tower

What are the various trails types/riding levels?

  • Forest access Rd, Beginner/novice
  • Old rail bed, Beginner/novice
  • 4 wheeler and jeep trails, Beginner - expert
  • Logging roads, Beginner - intermediate
  • Single track, Beginner - expert

What kind of terrain can I expect to encounter?

  • Rock, rock and more rock
  • Water
  • Mud
  • Pine forest loam
  • Elevation (the most in Ontario)

Some Suggestions for Riding, Surviving and Fun at Calabogie:

  1. Your bike must be in top condition. The trail is not the place to do your maintenance.
  2. You need to carry hydration, if you don't have a Camelbak (or something similar) you should get one (minimum 2 liters, for longer days 3 liters). Long competitive events will require refilling during the day. See Nutrition-Hydration page for more details.
  3. You need to pack snack(s) with you as you may be having lunch on the trail and will certainly need the energy. See Nutrition-Hydration page for more details.
  4. To prevent pinch flats on the rocks 15-16 p.s.i in the tires is mandatory unless you are running bib mousse inserts or the Tubliss system (maintaining reasonable pressures with these systems will prevent sidewall punctures by the rim however).
  5. Do not ride alone! Ride with one or more buddies.
  6. A plate and insurance is required. If you choose to disregard this advice you may be ticketed.
  7. Do not ride in areas marked closed. We are working with MNR to open as many areas as possible, please cooperate.
  8. YOUR BIKE MUST BE QUIET! The BMA works hard to keep our riding areas open. Many rides will be sound-checked to 94 db.
  9. Calabogie is REMOTE. If you or your bike get damaged, you could be spending the night in the bush. Be prepared.
  10. Pack a proper tool and survival kit - read our tool pack page.
  11. Carry your cellphone in a ziplock bag - do not expect coverage, but it is available in spots and around the periphery.
  12. Tell someone roughly where you are going. Calabogie is a big place and it WILL be difficult to find you.
  13. Carry a GPS with fresh and spare batteries, this can save you in more ways than one. (or a map at minimum)
  14. Riding roads around the Canonto, Redhorse, Mair Lake area in the Township of North Frontenac (Arcol Road, Hydro Lane) requires a Road Permit or an Eastern Ontario Trails Alliance Trail Pass

Land Use Committee Contact  

For any questions or additional info please contact:

Calabogie South Side

Kevin Anderson

Email: kevin_thomas_anderson@hotmail.com

Calabogie North Side

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Have Fun!