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A growing number of BMA members are riding dual sport motorcycles and are enjoying a wide range of riding opportunities...from smooth, twisty pavement to tight, rocky single-track trails plus everything in between. We have organized ourselves within the BMA to create and participate in dual sport group rides. We welcome all riders having quiet, road-licensed bikes to join us for a ride.


BMA Dual Sport Forum

The Dual Sport Forum at the BMA website is where you will find club discussions related to Dual Sport bikes and rides. From the BMA home page press the "Member Forums” arrow. When the forum opens at the board index select Dual Sport.

New for this year is a Rides Board sub-forum on the BMA forum for dual sport riders. If you are already a member of the BMA forum, log-in and follow this link viewforum.php?f=12 or just navigate to Dual Sport / Rides Board from the Board Index. At the bottom of the page is a check box and the word, subscribe. Press subscribe, and you will receive email notification of any new posts on this sub-forum. The forum will be moderated to keep each "topic" or thread on topic. Start a new topic to invite fellow members for a ride or post a reply to discuss a proposed ride.

BMA Dual Sport Rider Contact Spreadsheet

The dual sport spread sheet contain members contact information which allows BMA Dual Sport riders to coordinate rides, events, share information, find others for an afternoon ride, and all other sorts of active interaction.

This tool is in addition to and complementary to the information sharing available in the Members Forum area of this web site.

The BMA Dualsport spreadsheet is on Google Drive, to get the link to it please send an email to requesting the link.


BMA Dual Sport Events

BMA Dual Sport riders put on several rides each year. Some are held in conjunction with club trail rides so you can sample trail riding and Dual Sport at the same event. Our Dual Sport rides are typically based on easy main loops with options available for more aggressive riding. New riders are encouraged and supported in the more challenging parts. Please dress appropriately with all the safely gear.