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Call me Nostradamus

Postby geastman » Fri Feb 14, 2020 11:31 am

In the early days of the internet, newsgroup was the go-to place for dirt bike enthusiasts.

Not sure why I thought of this now, but my April Fools Day post from 1993 predicts both the Honda XR400 and return of 4-strokes to motocross:!topic ... U-JT5Psz5A

Honda sees a limited future in 2-stroke off-road bikes, particularly in the
Open class and has been working on the next generation 4-stroke motor. The
work has culminated in the XR400 announced to dealers today.
Borrowing from Honda's GP road-racing efforts, the motor uses an oval
piston with a 6-valve head. Extensive use of ceramics in the ringless
piston, cylinder and head eliminate the need for water cooling. In fact,
the cylinder is finless and the head has only a few stubby fins.

The combination of computerized ignition, fuel injection, variable cam
timing and exhaust volume produce the broad power and low-end torque
expected from a thumper while still achieving the design goal to out-power
a CR500 as the motor approaches its rev-limit of 13,000 rpm.

The wide power-band makes shifting an almost optional exercise. The bike is
delivered with a 4-speed, wide ratio transmission, only because Honda did
not feel that the public would accept the 3-speed used in prototypes.

The chassis and suspension are conventional by motocross standards and the
bike is delivered with enduro-legal lighting and odometer. Dry weight is a
claimed 235 lbs.

Honda is labeling it as a 1994 model but it will be available in limited
quantities starting in July. This satisfies the production requirements for
AMA motocross so Stanton can campaign one in the 500 Nationals this year.
Stanton was skeptical at first, but after a number of test sessions is
convinced that with this bike he can finally win that elusive 500 title.
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