Lost in Limerick: Fox Magnetic Visor, White, July 31

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Lost in Limerick: Fox Magnetic Visor, White, July 31

Postby geastman » Fri Jul 31, 2020 1:19 pm

I rode like Tim Gajser today. Did not notice missing visor until I took helmet off at end of ride, could be anywhere. If you happen to spot it, please let me know where. If you happen to retrieve it, please let me know. Forum reply, private message, or direct email to geastman at me dot com.

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If you don't get the Gajser reference, a MX World Champ, and early adopter of Fox magnetic visor system. He took frequent soil samples and often finished a moto without visor. I took no soil samples (today) so it must have been peeled off by brush.

On the plus side, awesome conditions this morning. I got out early to beat the heat. The recent rain left almost every trail a ribbon of moist, dark dirt with great traction and almost no puddles.
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