Noobs or semi-noobs?

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Noobs or semi-noobs?

Postby drifteast » Fri Jun 14, 2019 7:20 pm

Seems like most folks here are relatively experienced off-road riders (at least, I consider anyone who hits Calabogie on a regular basis experienced :mrgreen:, don't think it's something I'd tackle right now). Wondering if there are any folks out there who are somewhat new to dual sport riding who want to get out, explore some local non-gnarly trails, hydro line trails, etc. with the aim of enjoying the ride and improving their skills? I've been riding mostly on-road off and on a few years, a little bit of trail-riding a few years back, now trying to get back into the groove after a one-year layoff due to injury. Sorry if this is covered somewhere else; I had a look in the DS Rides sub-forum but nothing new there lately. Riding a WR250R if it matters. Thanks!
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