2020 Weekly Trials Practice

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2020 Weekly Trials Practice

Postby Terry » Thu Mar 05, 2020 2:58 pm

Weekly Trials practice in Dunrobin is back again this year. There is no fee for these riding sessions but volunteer hours for maintenance and occasional improvements are expected. BMA membership is not required for any of the ride opportunities held at my place. Again this year the riding & coaching sessions will be on Wednesday evenings from 5:00 PM to dusk with Eric Brackenbury (or his designate) being the event coordinator. Postings to this thread are welcome to coordinate who is coming out to ride or work or watch on any given Wednesday but, ultimately it will be Eric's emails to his list of participating riders that will dictate if the event is a go or no-go each week. The day of the week may also vary according to weather predictions, probably just shifting to Thursday occasionally.
The poison parsnips is under control although a few plants will need to be pulled or cut early in July when they shoot up and flower. I will be spraying poison ivy as soon as I see it in the spring. Thanks for all the hours the riders have put into creating and maintaining this trials riding park. Last fall two large tractor tires where donated to the ride area, I look forward to seeing what you can do with them. We can make a bigger and better trials riding area if enough people lend a hand, there is room to grow.

Trials riders are welcome to bring friends or family members out to watch or to ride around the nearby trails, supervision of kids is your responsibility. Bring lawn chairs and bug spray if you like. Please do not ride alone or unsupervised!

If you would like to check out the facilities contact me and I can give you a walking tour or contact Eric to come out on a ride night.

Also at my place, "Trials and Trails Ride-Days" are held on Saturdays or Sundays randomly throughout the season. Details and dates announcements here viewtopic.php?f=14&t=2675 This is not the same thing as the Weekly Trials practice, for one thing I'll be sure to be there riding the trails and loaning out my guest trail bike & riding gear. Please use my Trials and Trails Ride days to play in the trials area, ride the trails, or perhaps to teach someone how to ride a motorcycle in a safe environment using the lawn or the easy trails. Please prearrange a minder or riding buddy for trials riding on a "Trials and Trails Ride-Day". You trials folks are very welcome to ride on these weekend ride dates but I don't want you riding alone, nor do I want to be tied down to watch you, I have trail riding to do :)

New this year is my Afterwork ride list. Contact me to be added to my new email list used to invite trail riders out on weekday evenings when I'm available. It will be very short notice, perhaps only a day, and I will just send the invites to my list members that have specifically requested to be notified. If you get an invitation just reply, show up and ride. I may need to bail-out early on these evening rides but so long as there are two or more riders you can stay and play until dusk.

Note: Since I started a new topic rather than adding to last years you will need to subscribe to this year's topic to get email notifications to work. The blue bar at the bottom of your screen has the words "Board Index" and just to the right of that it must say "Unsubscribe" with an X, if it says "Subscribe" with a check-mark then you need to press that button.
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