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Weekly trials

Postby pat74 » Wed Mar 30, 2016 9:59 am

Hi guys,

BMA would like to have a weekly trials training session this summer. We need a location to host that, anyone has idea where we could do that.
We don't have many members with trials bike and I don't think everyone would be attending, so I don't see us being more then 10 riders each time...

Any one has any idea on locations?

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Re: Weekly trials

Postby Terry » Wed Mar 30, 2016 2:06 pm

I may be able to help here. I have a small patch of land designated as a trials practice area between my house and the 2.5 km of trails on my property. There are some nice sized rocks to ride over (or hop across if you're real good) in three separate areas. I have some basic rules regarding noise, safety and access. I also need to restrict any activities that could over-extend my liability coverage such as charging to use the property or charging for lessons (although I will have a donation jar to help offset the cost of a "Walk Behind String Trimmer"). I may need to limit the number of riders for safety reasons but this has not been a problem yet. More hands helping with maintenance chores and setting up obstacles to ride over and spotting other riders could be a very good thing. I have ten trials riders on my contact list currently, seven of which have visited to practice and help with the chores as the usable area expands. I have asked Eric Brackenbery to coordinate the trails activities on my property, basically if you have an idea for the trials group please run it by him first please. Most of these riders also enjoy a trail ride in the woods while they are at my place. So far I have limited access to specific "trails and trials" play days that I organize throughout the riding season averaging twice a month or so. At this point in time I would like to continue to keep access on this invite-only basis so I'm home to provide additional support such as access to the washrooms, drinking water, as well as tools and shade in the moto-garage. If you would like to join the "Dunrobin Trials Association" as I have been calling it, sent me a note with your contact information and I will add you to my emailing list.
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