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Intermediate Participant Registration Full!

You can signup below to be placed on the waiting list.

Skills Training for Intermediate Riders

Are you a intermediate rider who wants to get better at riding? Who doesn't?

The BMA is pleased to announce the return of the Intermediate Rider Training. Designed just for you, the BMA member and rider, that will be conducted by some of our Club's advanced and expert riders. There is no charge, but you must be a member of the BMA.

The training will take place at Woody's Cycles near Perth, see map below.

You must accurately assess your current level of competency as an intermediate rider.  Our plan is to focus on riders wishing to improve their skills to reach the full intermediate competency level as described here

We will be helping riders develop their abilities to do the following:

  • Ride tight single-track, (intermediate) level 3 trails which includes fairly sharp ascents and descents, often with rock, water, loose stone and/or roots present.
  • Wheelie over obstacles higher than axle height
  • Use both brakes to stop, control skids, and change/initiate direction. 
  • Read the terrain, select and maintain a line most of the time, and recover quickly from deflections off obstacles
  • Ride in different soil conditions and obstacles (sand, mud, loose/rolling stones, large rocks, logs).
  • Ride mainly intermediate level trails (level 3) with short sections of level 4 and 5 trails

Rider limits: Limited to the first 30 pre-registered riders.

Requirements:  Bring your own bike in good running condition, protective riding gear, lunch and hydration. Download and bring this release

Date: 2019 May 18th

Time: Arrive in time to gear up and be ready to ride at 9:30 am, finish by 4 pm the latest.


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