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Larose Forest

Larose Forest is the newest BMA riding area, and has come about as a result of a prolonged effort by a small number of BMA members working persistently and diligently with County representatives to gain access to this County owned forest.

Larose Forest riding area offers a short technical single track loop in an open pine forest at the start. Approximately half the loop is suitable for novice riders, the other half is suitable for intermediate or above riders. It is generally flat terrain, with a shallow ravine, and some short high banks (like riding on ditch dredging), parts of the trail are rooty and rough, and there are parallel log and cross board bridges. As a small compact area, you will never be more than a couple of kilometers from the parking area.

Guidelines for Riding in Larose Forest

  • An OFTR membership is required (comes with your BMA membership)
  • Your bike must be plated and insured
  • Your bike must be quiet (less than 94 db)
  • Tread lightly during wet weather, or simply avoid riding in this area after prolonged wet weather. Respect the potential damage that can be done to the trail, so we may all continue to enjoy the area
  • Bug spray is advisable at times
  • Bicycles are allowed on the trail, always respect other users, bikes, hikers, animals, horseback riders
  • No ATV access
  • Stay on marked trails
  • Enjoy and tell your friends

How to Find Larose Forest Riding Area

Parking is at N45 23.377 W75 07.890

Click here to view Larger Map and Get Directions

Land Use Committee Contact  

For any questions or additional info please contact:

Ed Miller


Thanks Marlene Bleau!
Marlene BleauCurrent bike: Husqvarna WR125

Favourite riding areas: Calabogie for its vastness, beauty and terrain. Larose for the challenge of riding on such a tight and technical trail. Limerick for good family riding.

Favourite event: Calabogie boogie. What an event. If time and money permitted, I'd participate every year for the full two days. Extremely well organized, trails are amazing and the people are wonderful.

Most memorable ride: Calabogie boogie in 2009. Riding with my sons all day, watching Edward on his 50sx doing things he had never done before, the pride when we all finished and most of all that feeling of being one with your bike. I had never ridden that many hours consecutively before and I felt so comfortable out there, what a feeling.

Proud member of: Bytown Motorcycle Association and Ontario Federation of Trail Riders