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Limerick Forest

Notice: OFTR Membership Required to Ride in Limerick Forest. Non members can purchase a 48 hour pass directly from OFTR here

The United Counties of Leeds & Grenville (UCLG), owner of the Limerick Forest, has agreed to work with organizations representing off road motorcycles and all terrain vehicles on the implementation of a two year pilot program for the development, use, and management of trails in Limerick Forest. The BMA, supported by the OFTR, and the Johnstown ATV Club, supported by the Ontario Federation of All-Terrain Vehicles (OFATV), are working with the Forest Manager to implement the program for the 2017 and 2018 riding seasons.

The agreement with the County, OFTR, and BMA:

  • Enables off-road motorcycle use and trail stewardship in Limerick Forest. Learn more about becoming a Limerick Trail Warden.  
  • Designates specific shared-use trails in the Limerick Forest where off-road motorcycling by OFTR members is permitted by the property owner - the County
  • Designates certain shared use trails as single track trails - upon which ATVs and snowmobilers are not permitted
  • The OFTR and BMA will continue to invest in building and maintaining the Limerick Forest trail network for you to ride on, much like snowmobilers and ATV riders do
  • The OFTR and BMA now bring an additional $5.0 million insurance coverage, reducing the County's liability
  • OFTR members agree to a Riders Code of Conduct, including riding responsibly on properly licensed, insured, and quiet motorcycles
  • Riding by persons who are not OFTR members, or riding anywhere other than on designated trails, is considered trespassing

"Designated off-road trails" maps will be available soon on this page, and trails will be marked in the Forest. A copy of the agreement will also soon be available on this page. 

Did you know?

That the OFTR and BMA during the past 8 years have secured over $250,000 in grants for trail development and maintenance in Limerick and Larose Forests, which included the building of the Limerick Forest Interpretive Centre.


Limerick Forest is a 5782-hectare community forest located in eastern Ontario, owned by the United Counties of Leeds and Grenville, and is managed by the Forest Manager. The "Friends of Limerick Forest" is comprised of volunteers interested in the welfare and sustainable management of Limerick Forest, an actively worked forest. The Bytown Motorcycle Association and the OFTR are partners of Limerick Forest.

The Fun Stuff

This forest is a great area for all levels of rider, sand base, 70% pine plantation, with little elevation change. It is one to the best riding areas for family, new, beginning, and "just remembering how to ride" riders. It is also great skills building/practice area in a forest plantation, very close to Ottawa. No problem if you only have a half day.

Limerick Forest has about 40km of single track and 40km of two track trail, used by multiple types of users: off-road motorcyclists, ATVs, cyclists, hikers, hunters (best to avoid during deer season), horseback riders and others. The riding areas are broken into two areas 1.5 km apart! There are no trails between areas, you must choose one or the other to ride in, as there is swamp between them, and connected by a gravel road only - see our caution below in using the road. Both areas have good parking, but we ask riders to park at the south parking lot (pit) for safety and privacy reasons. (Out of sight = out of mind!). Both parking areas have primitive facilities.

The Not so Fun Stuff: if you do not read the following

As in all of Ontario, your bike must be plated, insured and quiet, and you must be an OFTR member to ride in Limerick. The OPP are working with the BMA and the County to make certain all riders are legal. They are in the forest 20 times per year checking ALL riders for paper work, plates, and insurance and writing tickets for illegal riders or activities!

This includes using the road between the two riding areas with only a green (off-road) plate. To use the road you must be street legal (blue plate). Tickets range from $75 to several hundreds.

The BMA and OFTR are partners of the Limerick Forest and will not permit riders who are not legal to participate in BMA events. Please get legal and get happy!

How to find the Limerick Forest riding area

South parking area

View Larger Map and get directions to south parking area

North parking area (the "Y")

View Larger Map and get directions to north parking area

Land Use Committee Contact  

For any questions or additional info please contact:

Scott Wilson


Thanks Larry Murray!

Current bikes: KTM 530EXC, BMW K1100RS

Favourite Riding Areas: Eastern Ontario-offers 1000s of kilometres of both single and two track riding, For all levels of riders beginner to expert it's all here, pine forest to rock riding and everything in between, along with one of the longest seasons, May to December (there are places that don't get much of a winter, but they can't ride in the summer because of the heat) so I do live in heaven!

Favourite event: The Corduroy Enduro! It teaches you to become a better rider and brings out the best you have to give.

Most memorable ride: I have had so many great rides, any time you can get away for several days with a group of riding buddies (new and old) it will be a memorable ride! Nevada is my favourite winter riding area and I try to go every year, it's cheap - about $2000 all in. Plus its FUN! Always a great time.