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Limerick Temporary Trail Closure The Limerick Forest Manager has temporarily closed trails north of the pit, east side of Forsythe Rd. due to an active Goshawk nest. The area closed is not very large so please avoid it for the next few weeks until nesting season is over, and this notice is removed. Below is a map of the affected area. 
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No Trespassing Notice: Calabogie Area Important NO TRESPASSING Notice for Calabogie Area A landowner in Calabogie has informed the BMA that he does not want motorcycle trail riders on his property. The land is in the vicinity of Clyde Lake Road where it makes a sharp left to head west. Trails to avoid are Bartraw, Bompass and “Clyde Lake Road.” The trails have been posted with “No Trespass” signs. Have a look at the map below, or click here for a larger version. All riders are requested to respect this no trespassing request, and are encouraged to remember the first statement of the rider’s
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