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Rad 2.0 training at Area 31

About Rad 2.0 

"Rad 2.0 is an all family business on the leading edge of off-road coaching. Led by the founder, Shane Cuthbertson, we have many years of experience riding/racing across the globe. Let us take you to that next level."

Sounds cool. Who is Shane Cuthbertson? 

Uhh... Ever heard of Redbull Rocks & Logs? Or the Redbull Outliers extreme enduro events? Shane brought these world-class events to Alberta.

"Red Bull Rocks and Logs, was designed and created by Shane Cuthbertson, a local Alberta boy who is no stranger to the world of extreme enduro. A veteran pro racer of over 20 years, Shane has seen the likes of Red Bull Romaniacs (an event that is peak in crazy factor) Red Bull Erzberg Rodeo and the FIM ISDE, International Six Day Enduro that hosts hundreds of top world teams from across the globe to compete for “World Gold Status” of the best of the best on a motorcycle."

Shane racing in a past ISDE in Italy

Check out his full Bio here.

Now that your mind is blown by yet another Canadian Enduro Legend gracing the Area31 stage, here are the details.

Something for everyone...

Shane is offering several classes over the Sept 18th/19th 2021 weekend. Ladies only, kids class for 10-14 year olds, beginner/intermediate and advanced classes are all offered.

Shane and Rad 2.0 are handling all the registration and logistics. The BMA is simply making Area31 available and offering some volunteer support. If you want to register, click on the image below and view the various options. 

For more details and to register, visit the Rad 2.0 Signup Page

If you want to improve your off-road skills regardless of your age or skill-level, you do NOT want to miss this opportunity. If you have questions, contact Shane directly here.

Reminder that a BMA Membership is required to ride at Area31 and/or attend this training event weekend.