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COVID-19 The BMA cares about our members and the community. Following the advice of our local and national medical professionals, we will be re-scheduling events with the possibility of cancelling events due to the outbreak of COVID-19 in our community.  We encourage everyone to follow the advice of the medical professionals.  Please stay at home and do not leave for non-essential reasons. The BMA board has decided to currently postpone the Trail Mechanics Course that was scheduled to be held on April 11th until further notice with the possibility of having this event take place later in the year
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Limerick Forest Closed Limerick Forest is closed to motorized vehicles. We expect the trails to reopen sometime in mid-May depending on the weather and overall trail conditions. Please cooperate and do not enter the Forest with a motorized vehicle. Trails can be become significantly damaged and rutted (which will remain for the entire season!) by entering and using the Forest before the Forest Manager determines the ground is dry enough. Thank you in anticipation of your cooperation.  
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Larose Forest Closed
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