Sportspersons Fun Trial

Date:  Sunday, May 16

Time:  11:00 am, finish by 4:30 pm

Location:  Kindly hosted by Woody's Cycles in Perth 

Cost: Free for BMA members, $25 for non-members.

Registration: BMA is currently working on a new registration system that will better serve our members.  
We are targeting to have this registration system online in March, which is well in advance of our first event scheduled for May 2nd.  Thank you for your patience.

Summary: The purpose is to allow trials riders to have fun. It's also meant to give new riders a look and experience a proper trials course and rules. Not a competition but! score cards will be used.

There will be a minimum of eight sections connected by marked trails. Each section will have five skill levels marked with color coding. There will be a riders meeting to explain the rules, this is normal procedure. A FUN day for all is intended. 

You must (no exceptions) register, complete the necessary online waiver and submit it in advance of the ride.  Your temperature will be checked on arrival and you will be required to practice physical distancing in the staging area and on the trails.  If you are not properly registered or have not signed the online waiver in advance, have an elevated temperature, or fail to practice physical distancing, you will be asked to leave.  Welcome to 2020!


  • Small dirt bikes under 250cc will be permitted and encouraged at the discretion of the clerk of the course. Noise level must be observed, also at the discretion of the clerk of the course. 
  • Bring hydration and food there is none available at the location

Please contact Eric for more information.

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