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Trail & Enduro Bikes

If novice to advanced off-road trail riding is your primary interest, this is likely the segment for you.  If you are a novice rider looking to take your riding to the next level, this segment should be strongly considered. 

Generally speaking, bikes in this category are higher performance than their Recreational Bike cousins. This also comes with a higher price tag! They are liquid cooled, have longer suspension travel that is adjustable to the riders preference and have a standard, taller overall seat-height. Some variants come off the showroom floor competition ready. (Even if you are not!) 

There are many, many models from which to choose from in this category. Add the always interesting and sometimes controversial "2-Stroke vs 4-Stroke" variable and one can go cross-eyed when trying to decide which bike suits you best!

Most models in this segment can be a bike that "grows with you" from an experience and riding level perspective.  With adjustable suspension, tuneable power delivery (via throttle cam's, ECU Programming or Ignition Map switches, Power Valves, etc) maximum skid-plate clearance and torque/power that can take you through, up and over most obstacles, a bike in this segment could serve your needs & desires for many years.

Do all of these features, tune-ability and options replace or mask rider skill? Absolutely not! A Pro Rider on a Recreational bike will soon leave most riders on one of these in the dust! The emphasis here is on the large sweet-spot bikes in this segment cover.

Some model examples in this category: Honda CRF-X, Husqvarna TE, FE & TXC series, KTM XC, EXC, XCW, XC-F, XCFW series, Beta RR & RRS series and the Yamaha WR or YZ-X series.

One of the MOST often asked questions/debates related to Trail / Enduro specific bikes is: “should I get a 4-stroke or 2-stroke?  If you want to start a heated debate on Social Media or at the next BMA event, start a discussion around this question and watch the spark-plugs fly!