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BMA Trail Warden Program

The BMA is very fortunate to have a land use agreement with the United Counties of Leeds and Grenville (UCLG) which allows members of the OFTR to ride off-road motorcycles in specified areas of Limerick Forest. In accordance with the agreement the BMA is to maintain a Trail Warden Program to monitor the trails and to educate riders about their responsibilities when using the trails.

In 2017, the BMA (member of OFTR), UCLG and the Johnstown ATV Club (member of OFATV) initiated the Trail Warden Program. The program will be continued for the 2018 riding season. 
Wardens from the BMA and JATVC conduct patrols of the approved trail system monitoring its usage and where appropriate educating trail users regarding the rider code of conduct and the legal requirements to ride in the forest. The Wardens also help riders in difficulty and help address trail related problems at the request of members and/or our community partners. The Wardens submit several patrol reports each year in addition to conducting two trail audits, all of which are provided to the Forest Manager and used for planning and budgeting for the following year.
The BMA needs to expand its Trail Warden team.  If you ride in Limerick Forest please volunteer as a
Trail Warden as it really does assist us in maintaining our riding areas and in keeping the positive working relationships that we have garnered over the years.  You will be asked to conduct 2-4 patrols per month with each patrol lasting about 2-3 hours. It is a great way to spend a few hours riding the trails and chatting with riders. A training day will be set up for new and experienced Wardens.

Please contact Jeff Breedon directly so that we can arrange a training session for new and returning wardens before the riding season starts.