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How lucky we are to have such great riding areas...

Most BMA members live in the center of some of the best riding in North America and maybe the world. It's at your back door! "Are we protecting it?”

Within a 1 to 4 hour drive we can ride rock that will make you cry for your mommy and sandy plantations that will make you beg for rock riding, open fire roads to tight single tracks made up of roots, rocks, sand, and mud. You could jump on your bike at Limerick, ride to Merrickville to Franktown to Calabogie to Bancroft to Haliburton to the Ganaraska, then up to Kaladar, Lavant Station, and back to Limerick! Never being more then 4 hours from home. Yes there is more trail than most will ever ride. We have great riding and are/should be the envy of the world.

To preserve that riding area, it's important that all riders follow some simple rules! But we seem to have some trouble with rules such as quiet bikes, plates, insurance, staying on trail, riding trails only when open? Many of us are getting better but many still refuse to comply.

If we don't want to confront the rule breakers, is there any way we could stop riding with them... Stop bringing them along for the ride... Stop sending the message that it is ok to break the rules!

I was at Limerick this Spring asking (telling) riders the forest was closed, calling Police on the ones that would not leave after I begged them, and getting sick of explaining what the simple "TRAIL CLOSED" signs mean. The forest managers and land owners get to decide who can use the forest and when, both seasonally and permanently, not us.

What gives Larry or anyone else the right to tell me when I can and can't ride? Nothing, but I can tell you if we want to protect our riding areas there are some very basic things we need to do as a group!

  • We need to band together!
  • Get riders to join the BMA and OFTR!
  • Enforce the rules!

Stop supporting non members, and ask them to join. Ask them to follow our code of conduct and laws, you set the example. Do not allow disrespectful users to jeoparize our forest access. Do not tolerate the rule breaking, and be a good steward of our riding areas.

Thanks Larry Murray!

Current bikes: KTM 530EXC, BMW K1100RS

Favourite Riding Areas: Eastern Ontario-offers 1000s of kilometres of both single and two track riding, For all levels of riders beginner to expert it's all here, pine forest to rock riding and everything in between, along with one of the longest seasons, May to December (there are places that don't get much of a winter, but they can't ride in the summer because of the heat) so I do live in heaven!

Favourite event: The Corduroy Enduro! It teaches you to become a better rider and brings out the best you have to give.

Most memorable ride: I have had so many great rides, any time you can get away for several days with a group of riding buddies (new and old) it will be a memorable ride! Nevada is my favourite winter riding area and I try to go every year, it's cheap - about $2000 all in. Plus its FUN! Always a great time.